How to treatment acne in daily life?

1, inappropriate skin care products

Their own choice, but not professional skin analysis and introduce change with the seasons or there is no fine-tuning their use of cosmetics can cause hair follicle to plug, so that the skin lipid secretion excretion difficult. Therefore, we must have to choose skin care products.

2, lack of sleep best filler for smile lines

Lack of sleep can cause metabolic disorders, skin from the health of weak acid into alkaline resistance decreased vulnerable to bacterial infestation. When you sleep has been bad, we must pay attention to adjust properly.

3, adolescent

Male hormone increase in adolescent is an important reason for acne. This is a normal process, to be well-prepared mind. Conscientiously adhere to the skin completely clean, with crisp skin care pay, fresh supplies of sunscreen. These are done, but also more serious cases, it is necessary to go to a professional Doctor. Can also take some conditioning endocrine drugs. External application of low concentrations of vitamin A acid cream (should pay attention to the case of skin irritation if it is found to stimulate, redness immediately disabled).

4, ultraviolet radiation

Some high SPF products, as the sun, the sunscreen molecule can easily infiltrate into the skin, resulting in blocked pores and affect the normal secretion of oils and fats, an increase of acne formation opportunities, and therefore to enhance facial make-up remover. Well, in the use of sunscreen products against UV injury time, we must avoid one-time use of high-products, can choose to use SPF15 sunscreen products, coated several times a day, but must not be applied too high a multiple of one-off products, to increase skin burden.

5, drug

Contraceptives and some antibiotics may disrupt the hormonal balance of the system arising from excessive oil produced. If this causes acne problems, you can choose to temporarily disable contraceptives, choose other contraceptive methods. For the use of antibiotics, but also after consulting a professional doctor can look to use alternative treatments.
Strengthen the antioxidant food intake
Vitamin C, vitamin A is to protect the skin whitening and effective nutrients can be more in their daily diet intake, from the internal promotion antioxidation ability to reduce the generation of melanin. For example, broccoli, kiwi, cherries, tomatoes, lemon and other food products are whitening. Would also like to drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and promote the body’s metabolism. To eat less animal liver, beans, peaches and other foods, because these foods contain copper or zinc will activate the activity of tyrosinase, so that black skin.

Can also be a daily oral dose of vitamin C and vitamin E, these two components is the most effective spots to improve the nutritional elements, both to prevent and restore the effectiveness of melanoma, but also can help collagen growth, nourishing the skin, and antioxidation play to prevent premature aging skin.

In addition, to maintain comfortable and pleasant mood to pay attention to a reasonable diet and rest from time to time, but also so that the skin whitening an important factor for change. You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers”, click here

Therefore, Beauty, is from the inside out; white, but also from the inside out.

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