Create Your Own Online Gambling Den Platform Soon to Come


All Internet gambling enthusiasts in Australia, including those who are fond of playing online blackjack, should better watch out for the coming of something bigger and more exciting offerings. An Australian start up Virtual Gaming Worlds has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Chumba World. It offers a multiplayer and free to play online game that will allow players to create their own virtual gambling den. Yes, you got it right. You can have your own gambling den soon. This is such as massive offering that you can never find elsewhere. It is referred to as the “Second Life meets Farmville meets Las Vegas”. An offering this big is seriously going to be a great hit for casino mogul wannabes. This is a one of kind and definitely a once in a lifetime offering.

Chumba platform is something that is apparently very different from your usual blackjack online sessions. Soon enough, this game will be on top of the search results as it is a very unique and such a brilliant idea. This feature allows players to create their own digital Bellagios, customize their avatars and even make their own style of slot machine variations and other table games like poker, blackjack and roulette. What is great about this feature is that players can share their creations on their blogs and websites and host other players. They may not earn directly from the game, but the traffic it can generate is potentially very lucrative.

Founder and Virtual Gaming Worlds CEO Laurence Escalante explained that that system will allow players to play online blackjack, poker and other table games using their virtual currency. The host will be able to generate income both from traffic and with every purchase of their player’s virtual currency as the company shares them some Togel revenue with real or virtual money. VGW is asking for another $50,000 to iron out everything although it is nearly finished. The company has already taken money out of their Australian investors. However, a project as huge and ambitious as this needs a lot of resources before it can be up and running. Escalante further explained that the Kickstarter campaign will help them raise funding for the project. Escalante said that the campaign will also allow the team to get feedback from potential players to make the offering a lot better. At present, there are only eight games available including blackjack, poker, bingo and keno. Should the developer accomplish the goal, Chumba World will be out in six months.

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